About Gifts of Gaia

Jane Walrath
Gifts of Gaia, Owner & Artitst
Gifts of Gaia was established in 2007 by self-taught jewelry artist and silversmith, Jane Walrath.  Jane creates unique and one-of-kind jewelry using both traditional and modern techniques in a small shop setting.  All products are made to exacting standards and undergo multiple quality checks resulting in high quality, hand crafted jewelry that will last lifetimes.  Gifts of Gaia is located in Minneapolis, MN.

A note about the Gifts of Gaia name and logo...  Gaia was the Greek goddess of Earth and considered to be the great mother of all. Precious metals, crystals and gemstones are her gifts to us and it was important to me to recognize and honor those gifts.  The Gifts of Gaia logo is a stylized representation of “Bird Lady”, an Egyptian goddess statue c. 3500-3400 BCE and other ancient goddess imagery.  The color purple was used to symbolize spirit and the crown chakra and green the earth and the heart chakra - the two colors together symbolizing the union of the heart and mind.
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